Local Flavors

Welcome to my foodie page!

Food and travel are synonymous. Because food has the ability to shape your journey and define your memories. And food allows you to experience culture intimately using all of your senses.

Taste smoky cumin in flavors of Mexico; listen to the sizzle of a traditional Tunisian dish of Shakshuka; feast your eyes on the culinary artistry of Japan; break Georgian ooey-gooey cheese bread known as Khachapuri; inhale aromas of richly spiced curries found in dishes of Bangladesh or deep red wines of Italy; or sink your teeth in decadent textures of Greece in its popular flaky croissant creamy custard-filled dessert.

Here, I am sharing tried and true recipes teeming with local flavors of the places I’ve traveled. Cooking is a great way to get away. It’s also a great way to revisit places you’ve already explored.

I’ll also be posting beverage and food recommendation spots while I’m on the go for those searching suggestions on the best local flavors!