Inside Our Wedding 7.13.18

After nine years together—including 500 days spent separated by our atmosphere—on the 13th of July this year, we got married.

For those of you who exclaimed, ‘finally!’ upon our announcement, we feel your excitement. We appreciate your enthusiasm. But we make no apologies for the cliffhanger in our story.

For us, it wasn’t ‘about time;’ it was the right time.

We’ve climbed some mountains, shed oceans of tears and laughed rolling hills. We’ve faced, at times, seemingly insurmountable obstacles together, and we’ve learned a lot along the way. We’re ever grateful to our family, friends and even folks we have never met who supported us through the valleys to the peaks.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner graciously officiated our private ceremony surrounded by immediate family members, including our four children, in our beloved hometown city, overlooking its beautiful downtown green space.

The following night we celebrated our wedding and loved ones—family and friends—at an unforgettable, lively Tibetan-themed bash inspired by our most recent travels that took us, ultimately, to the North Face of the Himalayas, a place picked from space—where we initially eloped—(sort of, or—at least that’s what we told everyone!) We’ll share this story in a separate post.

Like most wedding days, the day we married is one of those big life moments embedded in our memories with such powerful emotion we will never forget.

But to be sure we remember even the littlest details of our special day—with the help of our talented photographer and friend Laurie Perez—we created a gallery of some of our favorite highlights from our incredible wedding weekend.


  1. Lol.. just now getting around to seeing the wedding pics, though I believe I sent #Congratulations when it was announced on Twitter. Beautiful photos! (Was hoping to see one of you, Scott, Gabby and Mark…)
    I am bursting with happiness for you both!! Blessings and Good Wishes as you begin a beautiful journey together. 💖💖

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